Conan Exiles Fast Travel (2024)

No doubt, Conan Exiles has a huge map with hundreds of different spots to explore. It is not that easy to keep traveling and exploring the map again and again. Now, to cut down this hustle we have an option to fast travel or teleport on a few different spots.

The Conan Exiles fast travel method does include learning a teleporting skill and unlocking Obelisks. After that, you can craft a Map Room to teleport to the spots where the Obelisks are located.

So, in this guide, you will get to know everything regarding fast travel in Conan Exiles. You might be thinking that we can use horses or other animals to travel quickly around the map. Yes, you have that option as well, but teleporting is way faster than traveling.

Unlocking Conan Exiles Fast Travel and Teleport Ability

This is going to be the first step toward unlocking fast traveling. You will need to learn the Cartographer skill from Ghostly Giant-King named The Archivist. He resides in The Archives area of Unnamed City.

The city is full of powerful enemies that you don’t want to interact with. Just try to keep moving and leave them behind. Find the Archives Area by locating it on the map. Once you have reached there then you can identify the Archivist as a white huge ghost.Interact with him and he will teach you the Cartographer skill. This will allow you to craft the Map Room at your base. Also, it unlocks the Corrupted Stone recipe which is a must-needed ingredient to craft Map Room.

Crafting Fast Travel Map Room in Conan Exiles

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After learning the Cartographer Skill, you are coming back to your base so that a Map Room can be crafted. You have already unlocked the crafting recipe. Now, we need the four main ingredients to assemble it from the crafting menu.

Here’s the list of ingredients:

  • 200x Corrupted Stone
  • 35x Iron Reinforcement
  • 75x Alchemical Base
  • 50x Crystal

Once you have collected these ingredients just get into the crafting menu and craft the Map Room. It may be a bit difficult for you to place the Map Room because of its huge size. It will require some elevation to be placed on. Additionally, the Map Room can also be placed in a separate room of 7×7 size. Although, it will be tricky for you to place it in a room. To deal with this, simply build the room first and then place the Map Room there.

Activating Obelisks for Fast Travel

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Activating the Obelisks is the final step towards setting up your fast travel in Conan Exiles or teleport system. We have 10 Obelisks in total that are placed at different locations on the Conan Exiles world map.

Here is the list of locations where you can find the Obelisks:

  • One of the Obelisks is placed in Dagon’s Eye, it’s a ruin located in the Jungle Biome.
  • The second Obelisk is placed in the Upper Staging Area, this spot can be found on the northern side of the jungle.
  • The third Obelisk can be found in the Desert Biome, it is placed in the Sinkhole which is located above the Arena.
  • The fourth Obelisk is placed in the Unnamed City, you can find it near the Archives from where you have learned the Cartographer Skill.
  • The fifth Obelisk is placed in the South of Shattered Springs.
  • The sixth Obelisk is placed near the Black Keep, it’s a dungeon which is located in the Snow Biome.
  • The seventh Obelisk can be found near the Temple of Frost, it is located in the Snow Biome.
  • The eighth Obelisk can be found near the Path of the Penitent, this spot is located in the Volcano Biome.
  • The ninth Obelisk is located near the Dregs, it’s a dungeon that can be found in the River Biome.
  • The last Obelisk can be found near the Mounds of the Dead, this spot is located in the Tundra Biome.

The Obelisk is identified as a huge Black stone that is surrounded by fog. Be aware, that this fog causes corruption when you get close to it. But it can be removed from your status if you have an Entertainer thrall.

Once you have found the Obelisk, interact with it to activate it. Find all 10 Obelisks and activate them so that they can be used for teleportation. After activating all the Obelisks, you can get back to your base where you have placed the Map Room. Now, you can easily use the Map Room to teleport to any of the Obelisks that you have activated.

There you have it, all the details regarding the Conan Exiles fast travel. This guide has every single detail that is related to the unlocking of fast travel in Conan Exiles and the teleportation ability. By following this unlocking method you can easily teleport to the spots where the Obelisk is located.

We have covered the crafting recipe of Map Room and the ingredients that you need. Also, we have discussed the Cartographer Skill and the locations where you can find the Obelisks. Hopefully, this will help you in making good progress in the Conan Exiles.


Conan Exiles Fast Travel (2024)


Is there any way to fast travel in Conan Exiles? ›

The giant obelisks scattered around the Exiled Lands serve as both landmarks and fast travel points. Players can approach these obelisks and attune their bracelets to them. Once attuned, they will be able to fast travel to these obelisks at any time given that they have access to a Map Room.

How to fast travel in the isle of Siptah? ›

There is no 'map' in Siptah. The only way to fast travel is through the Sorcery, or signing in as Admin. There are mods for fast travel. Waystones and Extended Cartography are two that I use.

How many hours does it take to beat Conan Exiles? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story1641h 51m
Main + Extras20124h 34m
Completionist13152h 3m
All PlayStyles49104h 51m

Can you fly in Conan? ›

The tilde key (~) opens the console. Once you've made yourself admin you can type "fly" or "ghost" (without the quotes) into the console to fly. The difference between the two is that "ghost" lets you clip through objects so you can go through walls or into the ground while "fly" is just flight.

Can you teleport people in Conan Exiles? ›

Movement Commands

TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports your character to a specified player. SummonPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports a player to your character. Fly Grants your character the ability to fly. Ghost Enables ghost mode, making your character invisible and able to pass through walls.

Can you finish Conan Exiles solo? ›

Yes, learn how to use admin panel to make it more balanced for solo. I only play single player. However the games main design is ment for Multiplayer. The endgame without player made threats is VERY weak.

How far is 52000 in Conan Exiles? ›

52,000 kilometers is 13.52% of the way to the Moon from the Earth. The Unreal Engine supports metric and imperial units and by default it's 1 cm for each Unreal measured unit. That also seems to work well with those numbers to end at a reasonably ranged distance matching behaviour in-game.

What is the max level in Conan exile? ›

Max unmodded level is 60.

Can you summon a god in Conan Exiles? ›

Requiring a T3 altar, 500 Zeal, and a named (T4) Priest for the religion. Once the summoning is complete you control the avatar of your god. As the avatar, you tower over the Exiled Lands.

Can you teleport with Thralls Conan Exiles? ›

You can drag knocked out thralls through the teleporter yes. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic.

Are there portals in Conan Exiles? ›

In the Exiled Lands, Portal to Yuggoth can appear at Scavenger's Berth and Eyelet Lake. On the Isle of Siptah, it can appear at the Leyshrine of the Birdmen. While this encounter is active, a massive blue portal with dangling tentacles can be seen in the sky from a long distance away.

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